Year in Review: Your favourite blog posts of 2020

Year in Review: Your favourite blog posts of 2020

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2020 marked the second year for Able Amsterdam — and what a year it has been! Like many of us I’m especially happy about closing this annual chapter and welcoming what will hopefully be a (eventually) COVID-free 2021 for everyone.

Despite the restrictions of this year, Able Amsterdam has continued to grow. I’ve explored some great new places and (virtually) networked with some wonderful people over the past twelve months. A big thank you to everyone who has continued reading my blog. 

Here are your favourite blog posts of 2020:

5. A Review of the S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress

4. 8 Wheelchair-friendly breakfast hotspots in Amsterdam

I kicked off the year with some of the best accessible breakfasts in Amsterdam — from heavenly eggs Benedict at Lotti’s to mouthwatering honeycomb pancakes at Dignita. Let’s just say this was an especially fun (delicious!) post to research about (eat for!). And yes, the granola bowl and pancakes in the photo above were as good as they look. Click here for a list of my favourite places for a wheelchair-friendly breakfast in the city.

3. Mobility aids in the spotlight: A review of the Alinker

Created by Dutch designer Barbara Alink, this eye-catching yellow walking bike was the missing puzzle piece to my mobility aid collection. My Alinker gave me a huge amount of mobility, freedom and independence to travel farther and faster than I had in years.  Click here to find out more about this unique mobility aid.

2. 5 Museums in Amsterdam that you can visit from the comfort of your sofa

With Amsterdam’s museums closed down for much of 2020, historic gems like the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House turned to virtual tours and videos. Click here to explore my pick of accessible Dutch museums with opportunities to visit from afar.

1. 10 Tips for femur fracture recovery

At #1 we have a more personal post based on the four years and six leg surgeries since I shattered my femur, tibia and fibula. It seems quite a few people (almost 1,500 to date!) somehow landed on this little corner of the Internet. Click here to read about how to stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible during femur fracture recovery.

Click here for more blog posts. 

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