Photo by Emily Rocha - Framed By Emily

My name is Josephine Rees, I’m Dutch-British and currently live in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to share my accessibility tips with you.

My Story

I was confronted with the value of mobility after losing it in an instant. On May 12th 2017, I survived a near-fatal traffic collision in Cambodia. I came out of my accident with a long list of internal injuries, serious facial damage, and a severely crushed right leg. Throughout my recovery I became increasingly mobile thanks to my wheelchair, rollator and crutches. Now, four years later, I have re-learned how to walk.  

After moving to Amsterdam in 2018, I realised there was a lack of centralised information in English about Amsterdam’s accessibility. Advice was limited and inefficiently scattered across dozens of websites. I found resources especially restricted in their tips for the younger generation of mobility aid users. Think – for example – about accessible gyms, nightclubs, restaurants, or bars. 

Photo by Roselinde Bon

I’m a firm believer in turning the negative into something positive, and my accident has been no exception. Without hesitation, I took up the challenge and created Able Amsterdam. My purpose is to highlight accessible places, to shatter disability stereotypes, and to encourage people of all levels of mobility to get the most out of this exciting city. 

Have fun exploring Amsterdam!