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Where can I stay in a wheelchair-friendly hotel?

I have yet to explore Amsterdam’s accessible hotels, but have found a number of suggestions on external websites. Click here for a list of accessible hotel rooms recommended by Accessible Travel Netherlands and click here for suggestions by Wheelchairtravel.org.

Things to do

Is the Anne Frank Museum wheelchair-friendly?

The Anne Frank Museum has limited accessibility. The original part of the museum (including the Secret Annex) is only accessible via a staircase. As an alternative, the museum offers a virtual reality tour. The new section of the museum has a number of accessibility features, however Anne Frank’s diary here can only be seen down several steps. Click here for a full accessibility review.

Is the Rijksmuseum wheelchair-friendly?

The Rijksmuseum is one of the most wheelchair-friendly museums in Amsterdam. For more information, see the Museums page or read about ‘10 reasons why the Rijksmuseum is incredibly wheelchair-friendly‘. 

Is the Van Gogh Museum wheelchair-friendly?

As with the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum is one of the more wheelchair-friendly museums in Amsterdam. It includes ramps, lifts, wheelchair accessible toilets, free admission for wheelchair chaperones, and more. I recommend buying a ticket online in advance, as the ticket booth is located up several steps. For a full accessibility review, see the Museums page. 

Are canal cruises wheelchair-friendly?

The Blue Boat Company offers the only wheelchair-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam. Six out of 15 boats are wheelchair accessible. To make a reservation, contact info@blueboat.nl or call +31 (0) 20 679 1370.

For more information, see the Canal Cruises page or read my Blue Boat Company canal cruise accessibility review.

Do tickets for Amsterdam’s museums come at a reduced rate for wheelchair users?

Most museums in Amsterdam do not have a reduced rate for wheelchair users, but certain museums are free for wheelchair chaperones. This includes the Rijksmuseum, the Amsterdam Museum, the Dutch Resistance Museum, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, and more. For further details please see the Museums page.

Mobility aids

Where can I rent a wheelchair in Amsterdam?

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters and rollators can be rented with the help of Accessible Travel Netherlands. Click here for more information.

Where can I rent mobility equipment like a shower chair or a hoist?

Accessible Travel Netherlands can arrange for rental of mobility equipment including a shower chair, hoist or a height-adjustable bed.

Where can I rent an adapted bicycle or Firefly wheelchair attachment?

At Star Bikes Rental, located behind Amsterdam Central Station.


How can I get from Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) into the city by wheelchair?
To travel from Schiphol Airport into central Amsterdam, you can either take the train (click here for accessibility details) or book an accessible taxi.
Is public transportation in Amsterdam wheelchair-friendly?

This depends on the mode of transport and how new a particular train, metro, or tram carriage is. For details please see the Public Transportation page.

Are taxis in Amsterdam wheelchair-friendly?

Standard taxis in Amsterdam (including Ubers) are not wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair-friendly taxis need to be booked in advance with specific taxi companies.


Is my disabled parking permit from my home country valid in the Netherlands?
A disabled parking permit issued by a valid authority outside of the Netherlands is valid in the Netherlands provided that the wheelchair symbol on the card is clearly visible.

As indicated in the Dutch law Regeling Gehandicaptenparkeerkaart Paragraph 5 Article 6B. 


Do all restaurants in Amsterdam have an accessible toilet?

No. Please see the Restaurants and Cafes page for a list of restaurants with an accessible toilet, and the Accessible Toilet Directory for details of the facilities.

I also recommend accessaloo, an app that shows you the location and photos of nearby wheelchair-friendly toilets.

Are there Changing Places toilets in Amsterdam?

A Changing Places Toilet is a toilet “designed to meet the needs of people with complex care needs” that includes a larger space, an adult changing table, a hoist, and other accessibility features.

I have been told there is currently a Changing Places toilet at the Rijksmuseum; however, I have not yet had a chance to verify this in-person.