Amsterdam has a number of accessible libraries. Inside, you’ll find a great selection of books, magazines, computers, quiet study spaces, and more.
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OBA Public Library

various locations
With 26 locations throughout Amsterdam, the OBA libraries are home to thousands of books in a plethora of genres, topics and even different languages. Whether fiction or non fiction, children’s books, novels, biographies, dictionaries or magazines, this place has lots of reading material to offer. Certain English-language books are available, as well as books to help you learn Dutch. 

Click here to visit the OBA Public Library website. Please note: the review below is specifically about the OBA at Bijlmerplein 393.

  • Easy access entrance
  • Automatic doors
  • Accessible toilet with support beams
  • Spacious
  • Lift
  • Ramps where needed
  • Close to public transportation (5 min)
  • Bookshelf aisles are clear and spacious
  • Wifi is available if you have a membership
  • English books available
  • Certain books are located on high shelves and not within wheelchair-reach
  • This review is based on personal experience
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